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Interesting Facts About Jewellry

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jewellery photography mumbai
Everyone loves to decorate themselves by jewellery. Here are some interesting facts about jewellery that will blow your mind! 
  • “Jewel”

The word “jewel” is actually a Latin word came from jocale which means “Plaything”.

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  • Oldest Known Jewellery

The oldest known jewellery, Beads, was made from Nassarrius Shell about 100000 years ago.

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Nassarrius Shell bead
  • Biggest gold producer

South Africa was known for producing largest amount of gold from last 100 years. However, it has been recently surpassed by china

  • British Crown

The massive Cullinan Diamond, which is included in British crown, is the biggest ever rough diamond found weighing about 3106.75 carats.

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Cullinan Diamond in British Crown
  • Price of diamond

The price of diamond depends on its quality being colorless. The more it lacks in color, the higher the price of diamond. Among the colored diamonds, the most expensive and rarest are red, purple and then pink.

  • Amber

Amber is an organic gem which is made from fossilized tree resins. They are at least one million year old

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  • Tirupati Temple

About 20 tonnes of diamond and gold jewellery whose value is more than Rs.1Lakh crore is owned by Tirupati Temple in India. Some of them are from 12th century.

jewellery photography mumbai
Tirupati Temple
  • Is there scarcity of gold?

No. It is estimated that about 80% of the gold is still buried underground.

  • India

India mined the first ever diamond followed by Brazil and then the rest of the world

  • Jade

About 100years earlier, jade was used in engagement ring rather than using diamonds

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  • First organized jewellery production

The first organized production of jewellery was started by two ancient civilizations, Egypt and Mesopotamia.


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