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Jewellery Photography in Mumbai

You can make beautiful women even more beautiful by making jewellery pieces that add to her personality. But finding the right photo studio for your jewellery photography in Mumbai is turning to be a big task.
Some photo studios charge a lot of money, some of them makes your jewellery pieces look bad. So who do you turn to?
Well now you have come to the right place for getting your jewellery photographed. We have been adding luster to jewellery by using latest photography equipment, editing software and talented editors for more than four years now.
We have the privilege of working with international and national online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Ebay. Beside this we have also been responsible for photography requirements of numerous jewellery retailers.

Tips for Jewellery Photography

Things that we take care of while shooting jewellery are as follows:

  1. We ensure that we comply with all the guidelines of the online marketplaces for jewellery photography.
  2. We get a detailed customer requirement from the customer about the angles and the end use of the jewellery photography in mumbai. This ensures that the photograph is in sync with your catalog / ecommerce website / brochure / out of home marketing material.
  3. All the photographs are taken using the soft box or under soft lighting. This ensures that the photographs are uniformly lit and this ads to the beauty of the jewellery.
  4. Expertise of our team and regular monitoring of quality ensures that your jewellery photographs come out the best.