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Top 10 Agencies for Jewellery Photography in India

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Jewellery photography involves accuracy in light, sharpness and various other skills and expertise. Leading jewellery photographers have the knowledge and the necessary skills that set them apart from the league of other jewellery photographers. The agencies they work for makes the top agencies/companies.

These Agencies helps the photographer in providing the Ambience and the environment in which they can capture the images of the jewellery with the model, mannequins or other subjects adding the necessary sparkles.

Here, essential exposure and white balance required in the jewellery photographs is rendered by experts so that the photographs come out to be attractive and luring for the prospective clients.

The main aim of jewellery photography is to focus on the intricate details of the jewellery design. and an experienced photographer does justice to these photographs through their expert knowledge and skills.

Every kind of jewellery is it diamond, gold, colour stone, silver or artificial they require background that enhances their look and quality. For this various kind of  jewellery photography services are available such as jewellery photography on model catalogue designing, creative jewellery photography, 360-degree jewellery photography, etc.

Jewelry Photography Companies in India

Listed below are a few of the best Agencies for jewellery photography in India

Jewellery Photography Mumbai

This eCommerce product photographer in India based in Mumbai, Jewellery Photography Mumbai has the mission to understand the concept of the clients and transfer the idea into the video or product photography.

The brand’s photographers have been long associated with leading television channels and production companies. So they know how to transform the SIM simple looking product like jewellery or accessories into oo designer items that Can attract the clients immediately.

The brand uses updated and new technology to produce the content for the clients. The brand has been into oo services like corporate videos, ad film making, products Geography, aerial cinematography, short films, etc. and has worked with renowned brands like Bajaj, Adidas, Abbott, ABEC, and more.

Delhi photography Service Private Limited

They are one of the best professional team of photographers in Delhi. They are also involved in fashion photography, product photography, makeup artist, and image editing, who give their best to create stunning photographs for the clients.

Agency provides different photography and image enhancement services & light photo retouching, image editing, modelling portfolio shoots, print catalogue photography, jewelry photography, interior photography, 360-degrees product photography look book shoot, fashion photography and many others.

Brij design studio

These are one of the best graphic designing agencies in Mumbai and India which are engaged in creating various photography services for jewellery and other products. The creative team with the studio our expert in the proper use of lighting and camera angles with different lenses equipment so that the images turn out to be excellent quality. The editing after that ads needed glamour to the photographs.

bring it online media Private Limited

This is a one-stop agency for different kind of photoshoot requirements. The agency very well knows that the backbone of e-commerce and m-commerce industry is photography and hence the agency provide door to door photography services which mean the seller can get their product photograph at their place as per their requirement. Based in Delhi, the agency provides services in cities like Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Najafgarh, Noida, Gurgaon and few other cities nearby.

It deals in the huge product line that includes sportswear, kitchen accessories, books and media, health and fish mess, electronic gadgets, automobiles, office equipment, soft furnishing, home decor and many other services like photo colour correction, photo retouching, image enhancement, superimposing et cetera.

Spinthiras Media

Spinthiras Media is a team of young and aggressive photographers who deals in a variety of photography including food, fashion, jewellery, architecture, product and all portfolio types based in Mumbai.

The agency has expert photographers who captured detailed description in the products, especially jewellery creating good visual content of the product that can easily learn the customer to try the product.

The professional photographers provide a competitive edge to the marketers by making the product range from clothes, two mobiles, jewellery to food products look exclusive.

D. Murali Dharan Photography

The renowned photographer and his agency have a long association with renowned clients like Bharti X, Oxford Group of Institution, Nilgiris, Reliance select, Dalda, Safola, Britania, Volvo India, Jain Group of Institutions, Dayanand Sagar Group of Institutions, MP Birla Institute of Management and many more that makes it stand out. The agency and photographer have passion for lenses, formats, SLR and films.

Hence the brand provides top-grade professional digital lights and accessories to create the best photography in every segment be it Jewelry, food, clothing, Institutes, Industries, product, people, aerial, architecture and much more.

Jaipur Photography Studio

This is one of the leading photography studios from Jaipur Rajasthan which has been into service since last 6 years and has 100+ customers. The agency provides two sample Shoot free to their new clients so that they can short about the image quality which will be provided. The prices of services are very affordable.

AK Frames Photography

This Andhra Pradesh based is one of the best team of photographers that are offering Creativity and Quality in the product photographs, especially jewellery. The journey of the agency started 10 years back when it was started as a passion, and later it turned into a profession to provide perfection to clients.

Daksha Digitas

This is a Chandigarh based digital marketing and digital media branding company in India that promises to deliver outstanding branding solutions and business results.

The agency forays in various fields like event management, advertising, photoshoot, digital marketing, event management, etc. to mark a strong presence of your brand and business online.

Creative King Studio

Creative King Studio is one of the best product photography agencies in Delhi NCR. The agency is famous for creating a brand name and convince the target audience to buy the product just based on photos.

It specializes in e-commerce categories like garments, jewellery, electronic items, footwear, automobiles, home and appliance, stuff toys, furniture, power tools, games, sports equipment, kitchen, handicrafts items or any other accessories. The photographer from the agency has a unique ability to capture the images from perfect angles and lenses.

Jewelry Photography Tips

Here are few FAQs and most relevant tips on Jewellery Product Photography , which would help you in photographing jewelry and produce beautiful jewelry photos.

How do you avoid reflection in jewelry photography?

While photographing jewelry, reflections is the most common problem that disturbs every jewelry photographer. There are many stones and gems which are highly reflective and sometimes may reflect human figures in the jewelry photography. Thus, it is very important to tackle reflections to create compelling images of your product.

Some ways to avoid reflections in jewelry photography are:

  1. Change the position of your jewelry
  2. Change your position or the camera position
  3. Avoid camera flashes and try to shoot in natural lighting
  4. Use a diffuser, reflector or polarizer
  5. Erase the reflections in post-production (editing)

How to display jewellery for photography?

Generally jewelry photography needs a compact setup. They do not require huge spaces as product photography does. It is very important to display the jewelry in proper way to catch the attention of the viewers.

Here are few factors to be considered during displaying jewelry for photography:

1. Do not touch the jewelry with bare hands

Touching the jewelry with bare hands would leave fingerprints on the surface of the jewellery which would be clearly visible in the photograph and it will prevent the jewelry from shining.

2. Backgrounds

You should decide on what background you would place your jewelry even before you pick up your lenses. Consider checking on the color, texture and shape of the jewelry which selecting the background.

Shooting jewelry on plain background

3. Lighting setup

Jewellery product photography is best when taken under soft lighting. To get stunning images of the jewelry, natural light is best.

You can consider shooting beside a window, where you can place your setup to the left or right of the window at an angle of 90 deg.

Artificial light can also be used but make sure you are well-equipped with light box, light tent, etc. to have an even lighting effect and avoid reflection.

4. Avoid using Flash

Avoid using flashlight or on-camera light as it would be extensively bright and bright light would clash with your jewelry.

How do professionals photograph Jewellery?

1. Set up your desk

Locate the location you want to use as your picture studio for your jewellery photography. Set your desk 90 degrees to the correct side of a window if you’re near one. The light will be softer the nearer you are to the window.

After you’ve set up your table, you’ll like to assemble your sweep.

There are several methods for focus stacking and camera lens accomplishing this for your jewelry photography, but the idea is to have your sweep straight and take at least one picture with a few tricks with any macro lenses or use a macro lens for it in your post processing also with a good amount of natural or bright sunlight for your online store or business.

You can also use cotton gloves to take pictures for your online stores with all the details and maintaining your camera’s shutter speed. You can tie your sweep to a wall if you’re near one. If you don’t have anything to hold the back of your sweep to, you’ll have to construct something. A wooden block or bricks might suffice. In front of your setup, put up your tripod.

2. Correct your lighting positions

You’re already set with jewellery photography lighting if you’re filming with natural light to photograph jewelry. Continue to the next stage.

If you use artificial illumination, though, your setup will be slightly different. At a 45-degree angle to the product, place one light source and a soft box or umbrella. This will ensure that the illumination of photography jewelry is even and soft. Maintain a direct line of sight between your camera and the jewelry piece. You may see some shadow if your item is placed near the back of your sweep for photographing jewelry. To get a pristine white background, bring the merchandise closer to you. If you’re new to jewelry photography, you’ll most likely start with only a white background.

It’s okay, you can also use props like a marble slab backdrop, simple patterned backgrounds, ring holders or stands, or group photographs which are related to your items or products with other jewelry pieces to make your shots more attractive.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Begin with the basics for photographing jewelry, then gradually add and test more elements.

3. Now set your camera options

Take photos of your jewelry that are artistically low-aperture and focus on only one component of the piece. Full-focus, high-aperture photography will produce a sharp final image that your customers will trust.

Shallow depth of field macro lens can be used to draw attention to jewelry details while blurring the surrounding.

Deep DOF is for detailed shots with macro lens, not for the entire output. We sometimes lose sight of the details for photographing jewelry because we are so focused on the larger picture. Don’t forget to take those close-ups. The intricate nature of jewelry is admired by many. Also, don’t count on your client to remind you of this.

Take pictures with macro lens for photographing jewelry from of all sides of each component. Smudge removal in post-production can be time-consuming and stressful.

Give it to them with an aperture of f-11 or larger and an ISO as minimal as possible ISO 100. Make sure your color calibration is correct so you may photograph your jewelry with the tones you want. Place your camera on a tripod so that you’re shooting down just at the product.

Place your spotlights (with diffusing umbrellas) on either side of your for photographing jewelry products, angle them down at the product, and make sure they’re all the same power. This type of configurations should equally distribute light around the frames that you are using without causing unsightly bright spots on your merchandise.

Right camera settings brings out best product images.

4. Creative background with less reflections

A white or uniform background is recommended/required by Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, or other marketplaces.

The focus with lighting setup and avoiding camera shake is kept as it should be, on your product, with a plain white or cream gray background.

Although black is prevalent in jewellery photography, you should be aware that submitting black-background photographs for photographing jewelry to specific marketplaces may be challenging.

White backdrops with natural light jewelry photos are inexpensive and simple to make, and the backdrop of your images may be simply edited out with lighting setup and avoiding camera shake.

You may make a lightbox, use flawless white paper, and even shoot white objects on white backdrops. You want your buyers to look at your jewelry instead of attempting to figure out if that’s a reflection from the photographer or a fault in the stone. The mix of jewels and metal makes jewelry product photography a technological difficulty.

Shooting extremely reflective things without capturing unwanted shadows in jewelry photos is tough. Jewelry is little, and there are a lot of delicate intricacies to working with. Your camera or lighting arrangement isn’t necessarily to blame for color accuracy. It could be because of the color mode. Color modes of lighting setup are divided into two categories: CMYK and SRGB.

5. Use less props and shot from different angles

This blunder is built on the same “maintain your focus” idea as the previous one. Props are an unnecessary distraction. The truth is that most props hinder the focus on your product. In photographs that showcase your goods, there are instances when including fashionable props, models, and unique locales is appropriate.

On a white background, most jewelry or product final images show just a ring or necklace. However, the composition is still crucial. Simple shots don’t mean you can ignore the rules of composition. When photographing jewelry, keep the Rule of Thirds with more light and better white balance and the Golden Ratio with a white background also in mind.

For your ecommerce store for final photography you can shoot more photos with detailed shots by using a mirrorless camera or a DSLR camera with a sturdy tripod to shoot real life photos also.

The correct color can be with the help of less light or different lights of a jewelry piece and start shooting with much lower shutter speed or manually adjust and avoid camera shake for your post production and also keep in mind you must distract reflections while doing it. It will help you to take great pictures of entire subject product photos with good light sources or direct sunlight without any harsh shadows.

With right equipment and settings you can produce high quality product images.

Do not over edit the jewellery product images during post processing else they will look untruthful and won’t give the feel of viewing with naked eye. Your final photograph of the jewelry should let the viewers believe in them and admire them.

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