Tips and Tricks On Jewellery Photo Editing

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Fashion and jewellery industry rely hugely on visual appearances. Jewellery photography is all about giving details in the visual as well as textual form, set the right background and click the good quality picture. These images are largely responsible for forming the viewer’s perception, judging the product and ultimately indulge in buying them.

Since the photographers are a human being, many times the ambience, lighting, and equipment may not be supportive enough to bring out the desired look of the jewellery piece. So, there are jewellery photo editing tools available in photoshop software for jewellery look retouching that can bring back the lost glory and lure the prospective buyers. Adobe Photoshop is a Holy Grail for jewellery image retouching.

antique jewellery photography


Following are the simple tips and tricks of Adobe photoshop use for jewellery pictures to make them appealing, and the product can be display in the best of its magnificence.

A brief about various components of retouching

There are a lot of components involved in the retouching process, such as contrast settings, brightness, tone, and many others. All these components together assist in making the needed alteration to make the image look perfect in all respects. Regardless of the size of the jewellery piece, jewellery retouching techniques are required to creatively bring out the flawless desired look, which can become eyeball grabbing instantly.


Some simple tips for jewellery photo editing that can enhance the jewellery photographs are as follows:-

1) Adjust the colour balance of the image with the help of Photoshop to make it more appealing and eye-catching.
Even the colour to be highlighted or treated as the background for the image can be chosen through software.

2) Set brightness and contrast adjustment

The brightness in the contrast adjustments can make the image look more impactful. Photoshop offers the option of adjusting brightness and contrast. It created an adjustment layer and allowed the editor to work underneath it.
On clicking the half black and half white circle of the palet, the brightness and contrast adjustment layer in the photoshop is created.

3) Use unsharp mask tool

While clicking the pictures of the jewellery pieces, the sharp edges of the stones and metals like gold and silver may become apparent. This kind of sharpness needs to be given a softer look. This is done by the unsharp mask tool of Adobe Photoshop.


4) Create a natural shadow effect

The natural shadow effects enhance the look of the image, and the same can be done through Photoshop. As unwanted shadows give a dull look to the ornament. Various shadow effects are used from Photoshop to bring out the relay stick impact and add depth to the subject. Photoshop experts can bring out the desired enticing impact using various jewellery shadow effects.

5) Do away with the unwanted spots and dust

It is a very crucial aspect of photography post-processing service in which the importance is laid on bringing out the clear and stunning visuals of the ornament. When the actual product photography takes place, various spots are not visible. But when the images are being processed, these become visible to the naked eye. Through a histogram box that appears with the slider in photoshop, this can be managed easily.

7) Adjust the background

The background in the jewellery photos matters a lot. If the jewellery images are for the online store, it requires a different kind of background that can be done using photoshop up as it has various methods for the same. The clipping path tool of Adobe Photoshop helps to remove the background keeping the object’s dimension and looks the same as before. Images edited through professional using clipping path services are used for commercial websites and online portals and also for advertisements by brands.

Precious gems retouching

jewellery retouching services

If the image retouching is in context with gems photography, then the editing job becomes skill testing. Imperfections may surface due to glare, stones cut and shape types. Glittery gems tend to radiate white flashlight of the camera in abundance. This may lead to wrong exposure to the light. Retouching helps to manifest the real death of precious stones besides enhancing its natural and inherited colour and clarity.

The gems brightness and the right colour can be made to appear using brightness and contrast tools. And the shadow of the same can be highlighted with levels tool of Photoshop. Using Hue saturation tool, the desired colour of the ornament can be selected and retained. The side stones of the jewellery piece can be sharpened adequately using the smart sharpen tool.
All this and much more are available for professional jewellery retouchers delight. Bring out the exact look of the ornament that can instantly grab the attention of the onlookers.

Professional Jewellery Photography Services

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