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Styling of Bracelets

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Bracelets are assets on wrist that draws everyone’s attention to your style and you can wear it seamlessly from day to night. Bracelets in summer colors make them a perfect choice to compliment your spring-time style. Adding talisman and gemstones gives unique meaning to your own personalized style. Here are some styling tips on how to wear bracelets.

Keep it single

A single bracelet not only gives a perfect finish to your outfit but also at the same time it also looks simple enough and can create altered looks by accessorizing with one bracelet. It really looks delicate with single bracelet. You can also match your bracelet with matching earrings or necklace or both! You can opt for a diamond bracelet for perfect glittering evening as well!

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Single Bracelet

Simple stack

Stacking up bracelets is a great way to create your own looks. You can choose 1-2 simple bracelets with a combining trait, such as the metal color, to use as the staples of any stack you choose to make. Or start with your all-time favorite bracelet. The perfect personal stack is gathered with time. So it will take time.

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Simple Stack

Sizing your Stack

A small bracelet stack normally comprises 2-3 bracelets but a larger stack typically comprises about 4-6 bracelets which is a great way to pair with your simple outfits.

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Sizing your Stack

Style your Stack

In trending fashion contrast is key. Similar is with bracelet. When your stack will look like a complete set, then you will have the freedom to do experiment with combining traits with your bracelets. Different size, materials and texture with contrasting colors looks cool when put next to each other and will create a unique look for you.

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Contract Bracelets

When stacking up the bracelets, you should avoid wearing lots of other jewellery, such as heavy bangles.

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