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Indian Jewelleries

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All over the world jewellery is made to match with attire or vice versa. Even the jewellery is matched with different occasion’s themes. The history of Indian jewellery is as old as Indian civilization about 5000 years old. Indian jewellery covers almost every part of body including hair, ears, nose, neck, arms, fingers, ankles, waist, etc. In the following lines we are going to provide you information about some of the Indian jewelleries.



The origin of Kada comes from Banaras. In north side of india it is also called as bangdi, churi, kangan, and pahunchi. The inner side of kada is covered with floral design whereas the outer side is covered with uncut different colored diamonds.

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Linga Padakka Muthu Malai

It is a garland of pearl with Lingam pendant which originates from Tamil Nadu. In ancient India it was believed that wearing pearls prevents misfortunes and Lingam means the symbol of Shiva. Thus Linga Padakka Muthu Malai was very close to kings at that time.


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Nath originates from Maharashtra . It is a nose ornament mostly worn on one side which comes with different types. A classic example of nath is a diamond set in the middles of clusters shaped flower made with pearls. In Maharashtra, nath is a sign of married women. A married woman could not be without nath.


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A gold ornament which originates from South India is worn around the waist. The main purpose of Oddiyanam was to hold saree. But because of its beautiful appearance it came in the category of ornaments.

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Karanphool Jhumka

The meaning of Karanphool Jhumka is flowers for the ears. There are two sets of pearls around the ears and its projection is such that it attach to hairs that minimizes the weight on ears.

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Jadanagam (hair serpent) is a head ornament probably from madras which mainly consists of gold attaching different crystal, rubies, amethysts and emeralds. It consist of split pieces interlaced forming a supple ornament.


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Paizeb is an ornament for feet originating from Hyderabad. It is a chain of silver or gold with uncut diamonds which drops downs and looks like twinkling bell.

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