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Glow Like A Flower In Floral Jewelry

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jewellery photography in mumbai

A wedding is a big and most precious occasion in a person’s life. The involvement of two families, the preparations, the functions and all the fun makes it a moment to cherish forever. The bride and groom are the center of attraction in a wedding; all eyes are on them. Bridal attire and makeup take more time and is more heavier than the groom’s. A bride has so many things to decide like what to wear? which jewelry will go with the attire? which hairstyle to do? what kind of makeup will be apt? What kind of footwear to choose? Etc.

A bride has many options to choose than a groom which might make the groom a bit jealous. Every occasion from mehendi to the pheras is close to a bride’s heart as she is taking a step into a whole new world. And for these occasion, it is very important for her to look gorgeous and enjoy every second of the function.

Bride to be? Looking for the trending fashion to carry on your wedding? If yes, I have something of your interest. That is latest trending jewelry fashion ‘Floral Jewelry’. The floral jewelry is available in two types the fresh and real floral jewelry and the artificial floral jewelry.

Here’s some guidance on how to choose the best floral wedding jewelry

Jewellery photography in mumbai

The place from where you order the floral jewelry is very important. Your wedding destination would already be decided, so it is better to choose a firm which is closest to your wedding destination or an online site that provides delivery to that place. If the fresh and real floral jewelry is not available you can also opt for the artificial jewelry in that area.

  •  Fresher the flower, fresher you look

Jewellery photography in mumbai

The freshness of the jewelry completely depends upon the flower you choose, the pattern you choose and also the color you choose. The orchids stay fresh for a longer period of time. Let me inform you that the floral jewelry will stays fresh for 2 days and it can also be stored in the refrigerator’s veggies section. So, don’t worry about the freshness and enjoy the moment.

  •   Colours

jewellery photography in mumbai

Colour of the jewelry should go with the colour of your outfit. Choose the jewelry that suits best to your outfit. Share pictures of your wedding outfit with the jewelry makers so it is easy for them to provide you with different colours and patterns.  If you have any design in your mind, share it with the makers and ask them how it can be modified with the products they have.

  •  Placing of the order

jewellery photography in mumbai

Start searching for the floral jewelry at least two weeks before the occasion and finalize your design 10 days before the wedding. As it will give ample of time for the makers to make the best and amazing jewelry.

  • Cost

Floral Jewelry


The entire set of the real flowers which consist of maangtikka, necklace, earrings, rings, bracelets, kamarbandh, baajubandh, chaabichalla, and payal would cost you around Rs. 3500 to Rs. 8500 approx. The set of artificial jewelry will cost you Rs. 2500 to Rs. 5000 approx. the advantage of investing in an artificial jewelry set is that you can reuse it later for some other occasion.

I hope these tips are helpful for you to find the best jewelry for your precious occasion. Look flowery fresh with the best floral jewelry set.

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