jewellery photography in mumbai


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jewellery photography in mumbai

Now a day many people shop artificial jewellery online due to high range of choice making and discounts available. And moreover, who wouldn’t like their favourite things to be delivery at their doorstep?

The primary rule make people like your product is to make it beautiful with intricate patterns. And secondary rule would be perfectly capture pictures of your jewellery. As the only thing, you can show online to customers is pictures, a beautiful jewellery product capture in poor quality picture will not interest the customer.



The camera you use makes a lot of difference.  Good pictures can be clicked on a mobile phone too but, the best is captured on camera and you need the best camera to get the best picture. Make use of digital single-lens reflex or what we call it in short form DSLR to get good pictures.

Camera Accessories:

Camera accessories play an important role in any kind of photography. Always use tripod for better focus. As tripod helps a lot in spot-focus or manual focus. Another camera accessory which plays an important role studio light which diffuses the light and creates a soft light effect. If you are a good photographer you might have noticed on-camera flash is not useful for jewellery photography. Always use studio lights for product/jewellery photography.

The Keys of Best Picture:

Sharpness, exposure, lighting, shadow, and in instance of gemstone photography, creating some sparkle are the key features of best quality jewellery photography which might interest your customers as it might show the realistic portrait of product.


Proper exposure plays a prominent role in photography. Wrong exposure, shutter speed, ISO will not help you get a good click. Set your exposure accordingly. Click many pictures so that you get that right exposure you need.


Place your jewellery in different angles and check which angle is the best that provided the best view to your jewellery every jewellery piece requires different angle to show its proper beauty.

Sparkle and Waxing:

When we use light tents to create that soft light or when we use studio lights to capture the elegant beauty of the precious metals, the sparkling gems like diamonds lack the sparkle in them as soft light does not make them sparkle them at their best. Use sparkler lights for that. Sparkler lights are bulbs placed in a conical shaped reflector metal jars to create more light. Or use can also use Diamond Dazzler LED’s, these have many small LED’s to add light from different angles.

Waxing means polishing small metal jewellery with prop wax. The wax works as invisible hand and adds a different reflecting layer to your jewellery. Prop Wax can be used on small jewellery products like pendants, rings, ear-rings, nose pieces, etc.

Controlling the light:

The light used might sometimes can be more bright or dull. To make a perfect sparkle and to get perfect shadow or reflection, make use of deflectors and reflectors. As bright or dull light can break your efforts.

We do professional jewellery photography in mumbai, if you need such services then please let us know. 



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