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Jewellery photography tips to improve your photos

Working with reflective objects like jewellery presents a special problem for photographers. It can be one of the most difficult types of photography due to the complexity of the skills involved.One of the reasons shooting jewellery can be such a challenging project is that it requires perfection. Jewellery photography comprises of all aspects of product […]

Online Shopping Tips

Shopping online is a considerably new concept in India. It’s fun, saves time & energy. Moreover, keeps you from waiting in queues and you can order the product from the comfort of your house. However,  if you want best deals, you can follow these tips … 1.Check the size: The size of the product may […]


Now a day many people shop artificial jewellery online due to high range of choice making and discounts available. And moreover, who wouldn’t like their favourite things to be delivery at their doorstep? The primary rule make people like your product is to make it beautiful with intricate patterns. And secondary rule would be perfectly […]